The Top 10 Reasons Why We Choose Network Marketing.

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Choose Network Marketing.
The Top 10 Reasons Why We Choose Network Marketing.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in network marketing but not quite sure if it’s the right choice for you.

You’ve probably heard some things that seem appealing on the surface, but you may also have heard other things that aren’t so appealing, and maybe even downright scary! Don’t worry, because I think the top 10 reasons why we choose network marketing will help you to make an informed decision about your future in this industry.

1.For Financial Freedom.

The number one reason most of us choose network marketing is for financial freedom. With a traditional job, you get paid once or twice per month. Even if your company offers bonuses, you’re still only making that money once or twice per year – maybe.

In network marketing, there are no limits to how much money you can make and how often you can make it! It’s completely up to you as an individual distributor.

This means that every time a person signs up under you and buys products from your business, YOU make money! You also get a commission on their sales – so why not encourage them to buy even more?!

The most financially successful people in network marketing understand what it means to share your wealth and help others succeed as well. If you want to be rich, start helping other people become rich too! Financial freedom is just around the corner when you join a network marketing company.

All it takes is hard work and dedication – but those are things we already know we have control over. If you want something bad enough, nothing will stop you from getting it!

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2.For Time Freedom.

People who pursue a network marketing career do so because they want to be their own boss. They are choosing to work for themselves and be free from all of the stress that normally comes with having a traditional job, like arriving at a certain time and being forced to sit in rush hour traffic.

The freedom that comes with being your own boss and calling your own shots is priceless. If you are able to achieve some level of success with network marketing, you can enjoy even more freedom by working from home or anywhere else you choose. You will also have control over how much money you make, which means you will not have to worry about someone telling you how much money you should make. You will be free to live life on your terms and not someone else’s.

3.For Health Freedom.

In a network marketing company, an MLM distributor can make money in two ways. The first is usually from personal sales of products to friends, family members, co-workers and other people they know. Also, their downline (the people who join under them) will receive a commission as well.

These downline commissions go directly into their pockets. However, even if an MLM distributor doesn’t have any sales or recruits underneath them, they can still earn commissions based on their own sales revenue. This means that someone with no recruiting ability could be earning a lot of money just by selling products to people within their community.

4.For Work/Life Balance.

There’s no question that working a network marketing business is a commitment. After all, you are building your business while also building relationships and friendships with others in your network.

You’re always on and there are always things to do or support someone else who needs help. Network marketing allows you to do so much more in life than just work a job—and it makes your life more meaningful.

It can open up opportunities for travel, new hobbies, new friends and experiences. It offers flexibility like few other careers do because you can decide when to go into work (or not) based on what matters most to you. And if something is really important? You can take time off from your business easily because of how it’s set up.

The Top 10 Reasons Why We Choose Network Marketing.
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5.Because I Am Good at This.

The ability to sell is one of those characteristics that separates humans from other species. At least, we have been told it is. Many believe selling comes easy to some and not so much for others.

But anyone can learn to sell; with a little bit of training and practice, anyone can become an effective salesperson in network marketing. The most important thing when it comes to selling is being able to connect with people on a deep level; if you are naturally outgoing, talking to people will be easier for you than if you aren’t.

The secret weapon in sales—and life—is authenticity: just be yourself, care about what you are saying, and pay attention to your audience’s reactions. Eventually, others will see that you care and they will follow suit.

Once you have connected with someone, you need to find out what their needs are. Then, create a solution for them by finding ways to solve their problems or fill their needs. This is where networking comes into play; through networking events and groups, you can meet people who might be interested in your product or service.

Remember that no two customers are alike: even though someone may appear similar to another person at first glance, there could always be something different about them that makes them better suited for your product or service than someone else. If I Do Not Know How To Sell Well Myself What Will Happen?

6.Because I Believe in the Product.

It might sound a little cliche, but I believe that many of us choose our path in life based on what we are passionate about. If you don’t love your product or service and it doesn’t align with your core values, why would anyone else? It’s essential to be truly committed to what you are doing if you want to see success.

Without an authentic passion for what you do, there will always be another new business opportunity looking for your time and attention instead. As an entrepreneur—or aspiring entrepreneur—you must have a passion for creating something new and meaningful (and hopefully profitable) in order to succeed at scaling that company from startup to success.

Your personal commitment is one of your most valuable assets as an entrepreneur, so make sure you’re investing it wisely.

7.Because I Can Help Others.

If you care about other people and their struggles, network marketing can be a great way to help them. You can share your products with friends and family for free or at reduced prices, helping people to afford things they otherwise couldn’t.

You can also increase your income by recruiting others. Just make sure you’re helping others in ways that don’t make it obvious that you have an ulterior motive. If people are making money from your products, ensure that they say it is because of their hard work and not because of you.

The less obvious your motive for helping them, the better off you will be when selling products through direct sales channels such as social media and personal connections.

Also, avoid calling yourself a professional before anyone has even agreed to buy anything from you. It’s never good business to come on too strong too early! Make sure all communication stays positive so everyone comes away happy. Your genuine concern for others should always shine through if you do it right!

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8.Because I Like Business and Relationships.

As mentioned, you can make extra income with network marketing. It’s also a lot more personal than a regular job. Unlike most jobs where you’re given tasks to do, in network marketing you get paid for helping people do what they want and need to do, so I’m helping build relationships while getting a paycheck. You are your own boss, self-motivated, answer to no one but yourself, and get only praise and support from family and friends while doing something positive with your time. This is definitely not a 9-5 or 8-5 job so if that is what you are looking for then it’s probably not right for you. If you want to be happy, fulfilled, have fun and enjoy life outside of work then network marketing is for you!

9.Because I Love Learning (and teaching others).

The reality is that we’re always learning and there are countless things to master in life. Whether it’s how to clean a house, speak French, paint a picture or network. There’s always something new to learn – and improve at.

Yes, you will make mistakes when you try new things (or old ones), but that’s how you learn! As long as you embrace mistakes as part of your growth process, there will never be a shortage of reasons why I choose network marketing!

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10.To Escape Corporate World.

After spending years building a comfortable career with a large corporation, it’s easy to forget that there are other ways to run a business. Working for someone else can feel safe and secure, but it’s important to remember that your talents, skills and passions lie at their core.

Consider network marketing as an escape hatch from corporate world: you have more control over your work/life balance, and you can define success on your own terms. When you make money in network marketing, it is not just about what you do—it’s also about who you help become successful. You get to see your hard work pay off when others succeed too!


No matter what kind of business you want to start, there are advantages and disadvantages in every category. However, if you’re considering network marketing, do your research and make sure that it’s going to be a good fit for you.

With that in mind, these were my top 10 reasons why I choose network marketing over any other business model out there. Are you willing to take a leap of faith?

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