The Top 10 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job.
The Top 10 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job.

I’m just working to pay the bills! I don’t like my boss or my job, but I have to do it to get paid. My boss doesn’t appreciate me. I can do better on my own! These are all reasons why people leave their jobs and enter into network marketing, but there are many other reasons why network marketing could be better than your job. Here are ten great ones to start with…

1.No Commute.

Another advantage of network marketing is that you don’t have to travel to and from work each day. In fact, most network marketing companies encourage their distributors to live close to them in order to meet up more frequently. That way they can dedicate more time to their business and be able to learn from one another.

If you are already working for someone else, it will be much easier to convince your boss to let you start working remotely for your MLM than if you were trying to make money as an independent contractor who works from home. If your job requires extensive traveling, being on a multi-level marketing team may not be right for you.

2.Work Anywhere.

Some of us just can’t deal with being cooped up in an office all day. If that sounds like you, you’ll want to try your hand at network marketing—it allows you to sell products and services from home. But even if sitting at home or in a coffee shop sounds awful to you, network marketing is still worth looking into.

One factor that makes it so popular among those who work from home is flexibility. There are no set hours for most direct-sales jobs; some people will be able to set their own schedule. And others may be able to make money by working as little as one hour per week.

3.Build a Brand, Not Just A Business.

Personal brands in network marketing aren’t built overnight. It can take years of hard work and consistency to see your personal brand take off. Work on building your personal brand, or become part of an MLM company that takes care of that for you. Focus on building your relationships with others in your business as opposed to just concentrating on trying to get more people in your downline. Believe in yourself and project confidence, which will be contagious to those around you.

Be positive and enthusiastic about your business opportunity when talking to potential recruits. Remember that no one cares about you until they know, like, and trust you. Don’t miss out on being there for friends and family who could potentially join your business. Your friends are your greatest recruiters! Ask them to help spread the word about what it means to be part of your team! Be willing to give away free samples of whatever it is that you sell so that people can try before they buy!

4.Learn New Skills.

A job can require you to do only what you are hired to do, but with network marketing, you can learn new skills. If your job doesn’t allow room for growth, or you want to transition into another line of work, network marketing could be an excellent option.

You’ll learn valuable business and sales skills through your network marketing efforts. Many companies offer courses online that you can use to help train yourself in these areas. For example, I always recommend that my team members enroll in Dale Carnegie’s training course How to Win Friends and Influence People.

It will change your life! You will discover great people in your organization who have been there since day one. They know how things get done—and how they don’t get done—which will help you avoid mistakes before they happen!

5.Be in Control.

You choose when you want to work and how much you want to make. The only person who decides if you can take time off, get promoted or make more money is YOU! You have the freedom to do what you want, when you want. There are no bosses looking over your shoulder telling you what to do. There are no managers deciding whether or not they like your ideas. You’re in control of your own destiny.

The Top 10 Reasons Why Network Marketing is Better Than a Job.
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6.Set Your Own Hours.

Network marketing allows you to work when you want, where you want. No more waking up at 5:30 AM to catch a train, no more sitting in rush hour traffic, and no more showing up at an office every day with people who are annoying at best and unbearable at worst. The ability to set your own hours, choose your own projects, and be your own boss has never been easier than it is today. With so many opportunities available online, it’s never been easier to find something that works for you.

7.Take Risks Without Losing Much.

If you have no savings and live paycheck to paycheck, it’s easy to think that starting your own business will require loads of startup capital. However, that’s not always true. In fact, one of these businesses—which generates more than $4 million in annual revenue—started with an investment of just $100. Another began with just $20.

Many network marketing companies offer startup kits for new distributors free as part of their compensation package, making it possible to start without breaking your budget. You can also consider borrowing money from friends or family; they may be willing to give you a loan if they believe in your business idea.

8.Stay Mentally Sharp and Physically Fit

The idea of working for someone else for 40+ hours a week can be unsettling and depressing to some, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s very possible to learn how to stay mentally sharp and physically fit at your job. This will help you come up with new ideas and make connections that may lead to promotions.

If you’re trying to build a business on your own, it’s even more important that you stay active, alert, and strong! The best network marketers take care of their physical and mental well-being. You need to feel energized, inspired, happy, confident, clear-headed and physically fit in order to succeed at network marketing. You won’t be able to do that if you are overweight or have an unhealthy lifestyle.

In addition to eating healthily and exercising regularly, don’t forget to practice positive thinking and mindfulness! Take time each day to meditate or engage in mindful activity such as journaling, prayer or yoga.

9.Earn an Income While You Sleep.

Working in network marketing offers many advantages, but perhaps one of its best features is that it allows you to earn an income while you sleep. When it comes to making money and financial freedom, nothing beats passive income.

The great thing about working with a company like The Arbonne Company is that they allow their independent consultants to make their own schedule. So, whether you want to work full-time or part-time, you can do so without sacrificing your ability to earn income while doing what you love!

10.Have Fun at Work.

When you’re passionate about what you do, work doesn’t feel like work—it feels like fun. Check out these tips on how to make your job more enjoyable so that working feels like playtime An interesting and well-written piece with a detailed outline. In addition to showing your own unique perspective, it also gives practical suggestions for readers who want to improve their careers.

A lot of people are frustrated with their jobs and are looking for some ideas for how they can change things up or even find new jobs if they don’t like where they’re at now. This would be very helpful in those situations and give them a way forward!


i) You have control over your success . . . or failure.

ii) No more wasted time commuting to and from work!

iii) The more you give, the more you get out of it in return.

iv) Freedom! The hours are yours to decide: set your own hours that fit into your lifestyle, instead of fitting your life around somebody else’s schedule.

v) Build an income residual stream: never run out of business because it keeps coming back—time after time!

vi) Be your own boss.

vii) Be creative! There are no limits on what you can do to market yourself or build your business.

viii) It’s not just about money; it gives you something to be passionate about and enjoy every day of your life!

ix) Help others succeed too: not only will they help support you, but their successes will bring you even greater joy than any amount of money could ever buy!

x) It’s easy to start: you don’t need experience or know-how, all you need is a willingness to learn and a desire for change.

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