Top 10 Direct Selling Companies in the World.

In this post, we’ll look at some of the most profitable direct selling companies in the world. These companies are doing phenomenally well, not only because they produce high-quality products that people love to buy but also because they take care of their distributors by providing valuable business tools and providing generous compensation opportunities. Here are the top 10 direct selling companies in the world!

#1 Avon.

Headquartered in New York, New York, Avon is among the largest direct selling companies and one of few that allows distributors to sell online. Avon operates in four territories: North America, South America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and Asia Pacific. The company produces and markets beauty products for men and women under brand names such as Anew, Skin-So-Soft products, Marc Anthony hair care products, Mark cosmetics for teens & tweens marketed under mark.

#2 Amway.

$8.63 billion U.S. sales: Amway, based in Ada, Michigan, is one of best direct selling companies to own your own business and work from home. Being an Amway IBO gives you a great opportunity because of the freedom to work from home, says John Dickerson, an Amway IBO and avid golfer. I play golf two to three times a week during peak season and would not be able to do that if I were not an IBO.

#3 Herbalife.

Herbalife is an American-based direct selling company with over $2.7 billion dollars in annual sales. They offer nutrition and weight management products but they’re most well known for their line of energy, protein and fitness supplements. With a market cap of over $5 billion, Herbalife is one of largest companies on our list. If you want to learn more about them you can check out our profile by clicking here .

#4 Tupperware.

Tupperware is a direct-selling company that has been around since 1947. Its product line includes Tupperware itself, as well as other kitchen-related items such as food storage containers and organizers. The company got its start through a unique marketing campaign that involved using Tupperware products to show off hostesses’ parties to potential new clients.

Since then, it has grown exponentially—reaching more than $2 billion in sales each year and becoming a household name across much of America. That kind of reach makes it easy for anyone who wants to sell Tupperware products—which are popular among women—to find people who want to buy them.

#5 Mary Kay.

Mary Kay Inc. is a direct selling company that focuses on makeup, skin care, and more. The company has independent representatives that have been there for an average of seven years. Mary Kay’s product line includes color cosmetics, skin care products, fragrances, and more. The top three markets are North America (61 percent), Europe (21 percent), and South America (8 percent).

The company sells directly to consumers through personal one-on-one sales and at parties hosted by representatives who receive a portion of their profit. Mary Kay Inc. has expanded its reach internationally with international headquarters in Belgium, Canada, Germany, Australia, China/Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan and Singapore.

#6 Arbonne International.

Arbonne is a direct selling company that offers beauty and wellness products. Founded in 1975, Arbonne has rapidly expanded since its launch and can now be found around the world. With direct selling as its main source of revenue, Arbonne has grown significantly over time and continues to do so.

The company saw an increase of 31% in 2013 alone, making it one of best direct selling companies around today. Currently boasting a global workforce of nearly 7,000 employees across 22 different countries, Arbonne looks set to continue growing for many years to come. In 2015 alone, revenues are expected to exceed $450 million dollars as expansion continues apace.

#7 The Pampered Chef, Inc.

Pampered Chef, Inc. is a direct selling company that specializes in providing kitchen products and household tools to its customers. The Pampered Chef was founded by Doris Christopherson, who started selling knives from her house after realizing she wasn’t happy working for other people.

She wanted more control over her time and schedule so she worked on creating a business where customers could pay her on a monthly basis with no upfront payments required. In addition to kitchen items like utensils, cookware, and food storage containers, The Pampered Chef also sells jewelry and housewares like baking dishes and cutting boards. Christopherson’s daughter-in-law took over when she retired but still served as chairman of the board until 2016 when they named another family member as their CEO.

#8 Nerium International.

This direct selling company is based in Frisco, Texas. Nerium markets itself as an anti-aging company that focuses on skincare and wellness products. The company relies on its independent distributors to sell their product line, which includes skincare, nutritional supplements and personal care items like face cream and body lotion. Nerium has over $600 million dollars in sales as of 2014. It’s also one of Forbes’ 100 Best Small Companies for 2014.

#9 Jeunesse Global.

With over 6 billion dollars in annual sales, Jeunesse Global is a rising star. The company was founded by a former network marketer who wanted to make it easier for entrepreneurs to sell health and wellness products on a part-time basis. Jeunesse Global offers 3 ways of selling: Retail Sales (VIP), Brand Partnerships, and Business Building Representatives. Independent Business Owners are free to use any combination of these methods based on their unique business model.

#10 Tastefully Simple.

Tastefully Simple, a direct sales company that sells food products like salsa and jams, was founded by husband and wife team Janell & John Haugen in 1997. As of 2011, Tastefully Simple has been named one of Inc. Magazine’s Fastest Growing Privately Held companies for six years running, coming in at #14 on their 2011 list with a growth rate of 98%. The company boasts over 170,000 independent representatives who have earned more than $2 billion collectively since it launched 18 years ago. It currently ships products to all 50 states and 26 countries worldwide from its corporate offices in Edina, Minnesota.

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