Sunsilk Shampoo Black Shine Review: A Must-Have for Shiny, Healthy Hair!

Sunsilk Shampoo Black Shine Review A Must-Have for Shiny, Healthy Hair!
Sunsilk Shampoo Black Shine Review A Must-Have for Shiny, Healthy Hair!

You don’t have to spend tons of money on salon products to achieve the same results! Sunsilk Shampoo Black Shine lives up to its promise of shiny, healthy hair with every use, but you need to know how to apply it correctly! Read on to learn more about this incredible product!

About The Product.

We all know that the weather can have a negative effect on our hair. It’s frizzy and lank during winter time, yet has the opposite problem during summer when it’s too hard to style and seems greasy.

That’s why I started using Sunsilk shampoo to help me fight this constant battle of having different hair textures depending on the time of year. This is a really good product that helped get rid of my frizziness and make my hair easier to comb through after showering.

It also made it a lot shinier without looking heavy or weighing it down. All in all, I would recommend Sunsilk shampoo if you want your hair to feel sleek and stylish while not being weighed down by residue build up or flaking !!!

How It Works.

We’re really excited to finally be bringing you a Sunsilk shampoo review today. We have been using this brand of shampoo and conditioner off and on since high school. But we stopped because the company had changed its formulas.

Recently, they reformulated their products to make them sulfate free and vegan – and so much better! My husband loves their products as well. With his curly hair he has always liked how it leaves his hair feeling soft but not limp or greasy at all.

The smell is great too! I also love it because I can use it on my color treated hair with confidence that there won’t be any chemical reactions.

Sunsilk Black Shampoo Benefits.

Sunsilk’s Black Shine shampoo has made my hair look shinier and healthier than it ever has before. I usually have to use product in my hair in order to get it looking the way I want it to–but this product makes me feel like my hair looks naturally great!

It’s never weighed down or greasy. It leaves a soft scent that lasts all day long, and the best part is you don’t need much at all of this shampoo to get full coverage. It lathers up really nicely too which is always a bonus.

Honestly this product is worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone who wants thicker hair without having to take care of it too much!

Is Sunsilk Black Shampoo Good For Hair Growth.

Is Sunsilk Black Shampoo Good For Hair Growth.
Is Sunsilk Black Shampoo Good For Hair Growth.

Sunsilk shampoo is specially formulated to restore hair’s natural luster and shine. It also strengthens and repairs dry, damaged hair. The products line includes Black Shine shampoo for dark hair.

My friends and I use the product every time we color our hair because it helps maintain the natural look of our dark locks. After dyeing my curly hair with a deep purple hue (not the wisest decision) I can attest that this product is exactly what my mane needs to keep it looking silky smooth.

My Experience Using The Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo.

This product has been a lifesaver for my hair in the mornings. It does not leave my hair with a greasy or sticky feeling and it smells fantastic. The price is great too which makes this shampoo perfect for people on a budget but still want healthy and shiny locks.

The only downside to this product is that I need more of it to fully coat my hair, meaning I go through it fairly quickly. Overall though I have been loving using this shampoo and it has made my hair shinier than ever before so I would recommend you guys give it a try too!

Sunsilk Black Shampoo What Do I Like?

I love this shampoo and conditioner because it leaves my hair feeling light and silky. I also feel like it does a good job of keeping the ends of my hair from being dry or damaged after washing.

All in all, I find this shampoo to be a great value because it does so much with just one wash. If you are looking for a new product that will give your hair the beautiful shine it deserves, then try out this Sunsilk shampoo and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Sunsilk Black Shampoo What I Do Not Like?

This shampoo is way too expensive. For something this pricey I would expect it to do the trick in just one wash. This isn’t always the case with me and my hair.

I also find it frustrating that it isn’t 100% natural. There are several other shampoos on the market that have a better formula but they’re not as mainstream as Sunsilk so they get ignored and passed up.

All in all I think this shampoo is ok but nothing special because of its high price tag. For most people it’s too much money to spend on a product when you can go out and buy generic for much cheaper.

Sunsilk Black Shampoo Would I Repurchase or Recommend?

Being on the lookout for new products to add to my hair care routine was an easy task thanks to all the social media influencers and brands doing such a great job of highlighting their latest releases.

I happened to be browsing YouTube when I came across Sunsilk’s newest product release in honor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH (February).

 A quick overview and explanation about what this new product would do along with footage from people who already used it peaked my interest enough to buy a bottle and give it a try.

I have pretty thick hair that gets tangled very easily so after shampooing, one pump is all I need as it completely covers my scalp and roots.

Sunsilk Black Shampoo Review Quora.

Whether you have frizzy, curly or short hair or if you want to maintain a color treated hair, Sunsilk is always a good choice. I personally use the black shine and it really has done wonders to my hair. I apply it on my roots as well as the top of my head which gives me some volume in the front without washing out all of my dark hair color. This product smells nice and leaves your scalp feeling cool and refreshed.

Sunsilk Black Conditioner.

This is my first time using this shampoo. My hair usually smells like baby powder and I have a lot of flyaways, so I was really looking forward to using it. The smell is really nice and the texture makes it easy to work through your hair with your fingers. My hair felt moisturized after washing (which it usually doesn’t), and it’s soft now that I’ve conditioned too.

I use about a quarter size amount in my hands and then scrub them together to make lather on my head (I don’t really need a whole palm of conditioner). Since conditioning is important to me, I’m happy that this shampoo has made that easier for me too!

 Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo Ingredients.

Our first key ingredient in this product is Pro Vitamins B5 and C which promote softness while reducing frizziness.

Pros of Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo.

Thanks to this Sunsilk shampoo, my hair is as shiny and black as ever. The formula leaves my hair feeling smooth and clean and I love how thick it feels on my strands.

It’s really nice to find a shampoo that has helped me get some of the breakage under control. What a great deal to be able to get such healthy hair without spending tons of money!

Cons of Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo.

Although I really like this shampoo, there are a few cons to using it. For starters, the bottle is really difficult to squeeze when the product inside is getting low (at least it has been for me).

 Another thing that bothers me about the Sunsilk shampoo is how quickly you run out of it. I wish that Sunsilk would come up with a larger bottle size so that we don’t have to buy shampoo every other week. Lastly, my hair also gets dry and tangled much more than usual when I use this product as opposed to another shampoo brand.

Sunsilk Black Shampoo How To Use?

Sunsilk Black Shampoo How To Use
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Start with dry hair and a clean scalp. Place about 1.5 ounces of the Sunsilk shampoo into your palm and apply to your scalp, working from roots to ends in an upward motion.

 The light, long lasting fragrance will soothe you while it cleanses your hair and hydrates the scalp. Wash with lukewarm water and repeat application if necessary as necessary before rinsing thoroughly. Pat or towel dry locks to avoid frizz or possible flyaways.

What Results Can You Expect?

The first thing I noticed about this shampoo was that it doesn’t have a strong smell. Rather than smelling like typical shampoos, this one is light and smells more citrusy than anything else.

After lathering my hair up with the Sunsilk shampoo black shine review, I noticed how smooth and shiny my hair became after the first wash – and you only need to use the smallest amount of product to get the desired results.

This shampoo works well with your typical conditioner and doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy or weighed down like other shampoos can sometimes do. If you’re in need of a shampoo that will give you shiny locks then I highly recommend giving Sunsilk’s Black Shine shampoo a try!

The Results of Testing.

Sunsilk shampoo is marketed as a salon quality product. The shampoo lathers nicely and doesn’t leave any oily residue in the hair or on the scalp. It also rinses away quickly and washes off easily when you shower.

I’m happy to report that it does not leave any residue behind. Additionally, this shampoo left my hair shiny without making it greasy or weighing it down like some other brands of shampoos do.

If you have dry or brittle hair I don’t recommend using this unless you use an alternate conditioner because my hair felt a little frizzy after using this product alone.

Sunsilk Black Shine Jasmine and Reetha Review.

Whether you need hair that’s moisturized and healthy or you’re looking to cover up dry patches, there are a variety of products from the Sunsilk shampoo black shine line to keep your hair in great shape.

This review will focus on two different products from the line. For shiny and healthy hair that smells fantastic, try Jasmine and Reetha. On the other hand, if you’re looking to add some oomph to your roots or just simply want healthier looking locks, then give Mira a try instead.

With the assistance of this review (and maybe a little online shopping), you’ll be able to find what’s best for your hair type and needs so that your tresses can feel their best!

Sunsilk Black Shine Jasmine and Reetha Benefits.

Sunsilk Jasmine and Reetha Daily Treatment Conditioner, is a hair mask with lovely floral scent. It has a nice lather to it that leaves your hair feeling very clean and refreshed.

I have noticed after using this conditioner on my thick frizzy curls that they are less tangled in the mornings which makes it easier to comb through them as they dry.

There’s also more elasticity to them so they look shinier and healthier which is great! The treatment also tames frizz and flyaways while leaving your hair manageable.

Overall I would recommend Sunsilk’s Jasmine and Reetha Daily Treatment Conditioner because of its moisturizing properties combined with some helpful conditioners that helps hydrate hair for a softer texture.

Sunsilk Black Shampoo Side Effects.

Sunsilk’s newest product is a shampoo made specifically to combat dryness in your hair. It has special ingredients like keratin amino acids and silk proteins to moisturize and protect your hair against moisture loss.

The oils in the shampoo give your hair a shiny finish without leaving any greasy residue. It even claims to remove buildup from other styling products so you don’t have to use too many shampoos or different products.

 And it doesn’t matter if you’re already dark haired because the Sunsilk Black Shine Shampoo still gives excellent results on this type of hair as well as blonde, brunette, and red tones. It’s also free of harsh chemicals so it won’t damage your color or dry out your scalp like other brands might.


This review shows that Sunsilk products are some of the best in the world and they have everything your hair needs to be soft, shiny and strong. The shampoo will leave your hair smooth, silky and manageable without frizz or tangles.

After using this product you’ll see a dramatic difference in your hair texture. You won’t regret trying it out because it really is worth the cost.

If you’re looking for an amazing shampoo that’s gentle on your strands yet gets the job done then look no further than Sunsilk. This review has shown that this is one product to try!


Q) Is this shampoo good for colored hair?

A) Yes. The shampoo is a beautiful deep brown color that doesn’t bleed onto your skin or towel like other hair dyes. If you have dyed blonde hair, it will still appear bright and true to its natural shade.

If you have just recently dyed your hair a different color, this shampoo may darken it. In terms of using the shampoo after coloring with another brand’s dye, consult your hairdresser before using this product on your hair as they may need to do an extra step in order to fix any damage caused by the Sunsilk Shampoo.

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