How To Make Big Eyes Look Smaller Without Makeup.

How To Make Big Eyes Look Smaller Without Makeup.


We all want to look our best, but some of us just don’t have the right tools. Whether you’re trying to make your big eyes look smaller or just want a better night out, there are plenty of ways to achieve this goal.

In this article, I’ll show you how simple it is to make your eyes look bigger without makeup!


Eyeliner is a great way to make your eyes look smaller because it’s not visible when you wear makeup.

You can use a thin liner, like an eyeliner pen or liquid liner, or you can use a pencil liner and apply it with a brush.

You can also opt for gel eyeliners that are designed specifically for the purpose of making your eyes look bigger by adding more color around the perimeter of your eye socket area.

Eyelash Curler.

  • Lash curler
  • Apply mascara first, then curl your lashes with a lash curler. Make sure the clamp on your curler is positioned so that it hugs the inner corner of your eye, which will help make them look larger and more open. If you have trouble doing this yourself, ask someone else to help!
  • Curling lashes will make them look bigger by opening up the space between each individual lash tip—and this can be especially helpful for those who have naturally small eyes (like me).

False Eyelashes.

False Eyelashes.
False Eyelashes.

If you’re looking for a way to make your eyes look bigger without makeup, false eyelashes are a great option. They can be applied in a subtle way or in a dramatic one—the choice is yours!

When choosing the right lashes for your style, consider what type of look you want. If it’s more on the dramatic side, then go with an eyelash that is long and full; this will make it easier to create the illusion of more length in your eye area.

On the other hand if you want something more natural-looking then try shorter lashes like those found at any drugstore or dollar store (they even come pre-curled).


Concealer can also be used to cover dark circles and make eyes look bigger. It’s a great way to brighten up your face, especially if you’re not wearing makeup.

  • If you have dark circles under your eyes, conceal them with concealer first before filling in the rest of your face with foundation or concealer.

This will decrease the appearance that you have a bag under your eyes by hiding them from view and making them appear less noticeable when applied over top of other makeup products like foundation or highlighters applied on top of already flawless skin tone!

  • Concealer is also great for adding dimensionality (or depth) into large-looking eyes by covering any excess bags underneath them—and this works especially well if someone has small bags but still wants some definition around their eye area!


You can use a light-colored eyeshadow to create the illusion of a larger eye. If you have dark eyeliner, use a cream or powder shadow instead.

  • Use a light-color highlight on your brow bone and inner corner of the eye to add dimension and balance out your look.
  • Apply mascara first, then use an angled brush (not the one with bristles) to apply eyeliner along the upper lash line so that it looks like there are two distinct areas—an outer one made up of thicker lashes and an inner one with thinner ones.

* Then blend out any harsh lines by moving from center toward outer corners gently at varying angles until desired effect is achieved.

* Finally apply eyeshadow primer before applying base colors.

Think About Your Eyebrows.

Think About Your Eyebrows.
Think About Your Eyebrows.

Eyebrows are a key part of the look. If you have thin, sparse brows and want to make them appear fuller, use an eyebrow pencil that’s darker than your natural color. You can also try using mascara on top of your natural eyebrow color.

If you have thick or overplucked eyebrows, consider grooming them down before applying makeup—this will help create more balance between the two areas and make them appear smaller overall!

Believe it or Not, You Can Make Your Big Eyes Look Smaller Without Makeup.

Your eyes are a major part of your face, so it’s important to take care of them. Here are some tips on how to make big eyes look smaller without makeup:

  • Get the right makeup. The first step in making your big eyes look smaller is getting the right makeup, which includes eyeliner and false eyelashes.

Eyeliner can help define the upper lash line while false lashes add volume and length to create a more defined look. Concealer will help hide any redness or darkness around your eye area that may be causing you problems with visibility—and it doesn’t have to be too heavy-duty; just use something light enough so as not to cover up any of your natural beauty!

  • Add shadowing under both lids when applying mascara (we recommend using one shade lighter than what would otherwise work because darker colors tend to accentuate darker features).

You’ll also want shadowing along both sides into each corner where they meet at their outermost point above each nostril (or whatever point looks most prominent). This way all elements complement each other instead becoming overpowering by themselves–and remember: less is more!


In this article, we covered some of the best ways to make your big eyes look smaller. We’re not saying that you have to do all of them or even any at all—you can choose whichever ones work best for you!

But there are so many options out there: eyeliner, false lashes, concealer, eyebrow-enhancing products (eyeshadow or brow gel), liquid liner pencils… the list goes on and on.

If you follow these tips and tricks outlined above (and don’t forget about your eyebrows!), then you’ll find yourself with a beautiful new face in no time at all.

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