The 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

The 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.
The 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.

If you want to become an expert network marketer and are willing to put in the effort, you’ll find success waiting for you on the other side of hard work and dedication.

However, if you want to shortcut your journey to success, it’s going to be a long road ahead of you and we recommend taking the time to read this article from start to finish before making any major decisions regarding your future as an expert network marketer. We have identified 7 steps that will take you from where you are today to becoming an expert network marketer in no time at all.

Step 1: Take an Honest Assessment of  Your Skills and Abilities.

Before you jump into network marketing, it’s important that you take an honest assessment of your skills and abilities. No matter what field or industry you’re in, skills can be transferred to network marketing.

For example, if you have experience as a salesperson, on-the-job training is much easier than trying to learn these skills cold-turkey. If you are an outgoing person and know how to communicate with people easily, those skills will help in network marketing situations. This step may seem obvious—and it is—but so many people skip over it.

Don’t mistake activity for achievement. Just because you are doing something doesn’t mean that you’re getting results! Don’t just get involved because some other guy is doing it. Do it because you want to achieve your goals!

Step 2: Evaluate Your Situation.

How does your existing business or experience set you up for success in network marketing? If you’re already in network marketing, how is your sponsoring going? Are you feeling overwhelmed by everything that’s involved with making lead generation work for you? Do you know what techniques work best for generating leads outside of your current plan? What are some things you can do to level up and get more productive with your lead generation activities? Have you been trying to generate leads on your own but haven’t had much luck? You may need help from an expert.

Even if you have a bad sponsor, it can be valuable to talk with someone who has been through what you’re experiencing now. You may not have even considered that someone else has gone through something similar. They might have great advice for ways to deal with your challenges and move forward successfully.

The 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional.
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Step 3: Nurture Relationships With People You Already Know.

Building business relationships is critical in network marketing. It can help you advance faster and grow your downline. Here are some tips:

1) For starters, focus on people who already know you. You’re already their connection, so it’s much easier for them to trust you with their business!

2) Nurture those relationships by staying in touch and letting them know how well things are going for you as you build your network marketing business. Not only will they be more willing to share advice, but they’ll be eager enough that they may even want to join your team too!

3) Make sure that everyone feels like an expert. If you’re new at network marketing, then let others do most of the talking. Ask questions and listen closely to what people say about your products or services.

4) Remember that relationships take time to develop, so don’t expect instant results from anyone in particular.

5) Don’t get discouraged if someone isn’t interested right away; just keep moving forward until someone does start taking interest in what you have to offer!

6) Help each other out whenever possible—it makes both of you look good! And finally…

7) Be honest about where you’re struggling and ask for help when needed. If someone offers to give advice or answer questions about something specific, take them up on it!

Step 4: Expand Your Social Circle.

People in network marketing build large social networks because they understand that success comes from many different sources. However, instead of waiting for those people you already know and love to join your business, go out and meet new people who have the potential to be interested in your products or business.

Join groups at churches or community centers. Make friends with new co-workers. It all goes back to relationship building! If you aren’t able to build relationships naturally, consider using a service like Linkedin (more on that later) to connect with professionals. Studies show that if someone is part of your network, it increases your chance of introducing them to other people by 25%.

Step 5: Educate Yourself About The Field.

It’s important to take responsibility for your career. Now that you have an idea of where you want to be, research what it takes for you to get there. Meet with some professional network marketers, go online and read as much as you can.

Understanding what will make or break your network marketing business is critical when it comes time to take action. This also includes learning about yourself and how you will approach building your business.

What are your strengths? How do you like to learn? What type of personality do you have? These are all questions that should be answered in order to help grow your business.

The 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional
The 7 Proven Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional

Step 6: Start Taking Action By Attending Trainings, Conferences and Seminars.

Once you’ve mastered all of these steps, attend as many local and online trainings, conferences and seminars as possible. In network marketing, knowledge is power! You can’t grow if you don’t learn.

So do whatever it takes to immerse yourself in your industry. You’ll be amazed at how much information there is about you sector—and even more surprised by how much of it is free.

Many companies offer free training (and free samples!) and events just for being a customer or even being referred by someone else in their network who’s already been there. There are also tons of sites with excellent resources that are specifically tailored to each industry like Leadership Pipeline, SkillBites and BrightTALK—all great places to start when searching for specific topics related to your business.

Step 7: Get On Board With an Established Company.

If you’re just starting out as an independent distributor, you may think that you don’t need any help. While it is possible to succeed on your own, working with a proven company can make all of the difference.

Getting on board with an established company like AdvoCare means that you have access to years of knowledge and experience in building successful direct selling companies. This will give you access to powerful tools, training and support designed to help you build your business faster than if you were working alone.

Successful network marketing professionals are those who seek out, then embrace, opportunities for ongoing professional development and growth. With so many resources available through AdvoCare, there has never been a better time to get started.


A professional network marketer doesn’t get caught up in waiting for his or her opportunity. Success is an action, not a goal. You don’t have to be at your desk waiting for your chance; you have to get out there and make things happen! If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Taking action today will help secure your network marketing future and allow you to live life on your terms! Just start with these seven steps: Choose Your Company Market Yourself Earn Money Stay Focused Get Support Be Persistent & Never Give Up!

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