10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time.

10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time
10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time.

10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time What if I told you that there are ways to look good in photos every time you have your picture taken? What if I told you that you can use those same techniques and tips with the intention of making yourself feel good in photos? What if I told you that these tips and tricks could also be used outside of photography, for any situation where you want to look your best and feel like the most stylish version of yourself?

1.Understand You are Special.

Everyone wants to feel special. Treat yourself that way. We all want to know we matter and are being recognized for our achievements and hard work. Even if you don’t have any big news, like winning an award or publishing a book, take time each day to remind yourself of all you have done up until now.

Keep a journal and write down 5 things that made you proud or did really well that day. Make sure your list is full of accomplishments large and small from yesterday, today, last week, even last year—whatever makes you smile when you look back on it later!

This will remind you of how far you’ve come, no matter where your journey takes you next! Also make sure to celebrate other people’s successes. If someone you know has had a baby, got married, bought a house, landed their dream job – do something nice for them or tell them they deserve it!

 It doesn’t have to be much – just remember that one thing that matters most to them and show them you noticed. Celebrating others will make you happier too!

2.Accept What Is Happening and Embrace It.

Sometimes a bad photo is just a bad photo. Don’t fight your face. Embrace it, for it’s yours, and you look good as you are! Having said that, there are some things you can do to make yourself look better on camera every time. It’s all about putting yourself in position for success.

If you want to be glamorous in photos every time, here are 04 secrets:

1. Make sure your makeup is done well (but not overdone).

2. Get rid of unwanted hair (or at least keep it neat).

3. Make sure your clothes fit well and flatter your body type.

4. Think about where you’re going before choosing an outfit—you don’t want to wear something that clashes with where you’re going or what event it is (it doesn’t have to match exactly but don’t wear a super formal dress if it’s casual event).

3.Take Care of Yourself.

For your face, that means you need sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen is a must if you want your skin to look younger. And remember – stay out of indoor tanning beds. The American Academy of Dermatology says people who use tanning beds are at risk for developing deadly skin cancers such as melanoma. You’re better off saving time and money by taking care of yourself, so you can enjoy healthy-looking skin for many years to come.

10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time
10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time

4.Know Your Body Type.

There are three types of body shapes. These are generally accepted by most fashion designers and personal stylists: pear, apple and rectangle. Knowing your body type is important because clothing won’t look as good on you if it isn’t properly fitted for your shape. If you don’t know your shape, find someone who does. Your local department store has a special fitting service or you can try out an online fit calculator at StyleAble.

5.Get rid of Distractions.

One of my favorite moments from The Devil Wears Prada occurs when Miranda Priestly, played by Meryl Streep, says: You’re like a fat housecat. Your only job is grooming yourself. By paying attention only to yourself, you may be able to stand out more.

But all that primping can distract from what’s important. To look glamorous in photos every time—and not just on Instagram—make sure you are prepared and presentable every single time your camera comes out. If you’re looking for help with looking your best, check out these tips on how to take flattering selfies.

6.Make Eye Contact With The Camera.

A great tip to look glamorous is to make sure you are looking directly into your camera. It may seem silly, but making eye contact with your camera will add a human element of charm and charisma to your photos.

You don’t have to stare at your camera, but keep in mind that if you are looking off into space, it will probably not come out quite as glamourous as you would hope. If you have people in your photo, try holding their gaze for a bit; it will help draw attention away from imperfections on yourself and onto them instead.

7.Crave Positivity!

If your only goal is looking glamorous in photos every time, you might not achieve it. If you want your photos to look glamorous, it’s good practice to crave positivity, too. Smiling when someone takes a photo is one way of injecting a bit of positivity into a situation. It really doesn’t matter what mood you’re in when someone takes your picture; if you smile, it’ll be obvious and will make for better-looking photos overall.

Even if you don’t feel like smiling at first (and let’s face it—who ever does?), making an effort will translate into great pictures! Besides enhancing glamour, smiling also has mental health benefits that go far beyond Instagram-worthy selfies.

8.Wear Clothes That Fit You Like a Glove.

Nothing makes you look as sexy and glamorous as an outfit that’s perfectly tailored. Make sure your pants, shirts, dresses and coats fit well—nothing is more unflattering than a baggy garment that completely hides your shape. And while we’re on clothes, resist anything too tight or short.

It’s true that these styles are on-trend now, but we all know how those photos can come back to haunt you on Facebook and other social networks later. Remember what moms told us about wearing our Sunday best? says celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe.

10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time
10 Secrets to Look Glamorous in Photos Every Time

9.Smile Like Nobody’s Watching;

Smiling makes you seem more approachable and genuine, while blank expressions make you seem bored or uninterested. Whether you’re having your photo taken for a magazine cover or just a personal shot with friends, smiling will help people remember that photograph. You’ll look warmer and feel happier too! Bonus tip: A smile doesn’t have to be shown on your face all at once—it can begin as a subtle lift of one side of your mouth, then spread into full-on grinning.

10.Have Fun With This Process!

There’s nothing wrong with a little pre- and post-shoot prep, but avoid overdoing it. Makeup artist Deborah Lippmann suggests spending five minutes and asking yourself, ‘How much do I want to change my face?’

If you don’t like what you see, ask your photographer how long it would take them to reshoot without having you redo makeup or hair. (If their answer is anywhere from 10 minutes for a blowout to an hour for a full glam overhaul, move on.)

You can also take control of your appearance by bringing natural light makeup products—so you look fresh-faced even if your shoot doesn’t require full makeup—and offering creative suggestions once there.

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