10 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners.

10 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners
10 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners.

The network marketing industry can seem like a world of confusing jargon and mysterious concepts at first glance, but when you break it down, there are only three basic things you need to know to get started: why you’re doing it, how to do it, and how much it’s going to cost you.

This guide will help you with the first two of those things so that you can figure out how much money you’ll need before committing to anything. Let’s get started!

Tip 1: Join a Successful Company.

It’s tempting to join an MLM with a low price point or a product you can start using right away, but that might not be in your best interest. If your first step is to get started with a top-notch company, you’ll start out on more solid footing and build confidence that could ultimately lead to greater success down the road.

In addition, if your business becomes successful enough that it becomes mainstream, people will actually see you as someone who has made something of themselves rather than as someone who got involved in one of those sketchy MLM deals (and they may even feel bad about any past skepticism they had toward you). The bottom line is that some upfront time and energy invested now can save you from future embarrassment and/or regret later.

Tip 2: Focus on the Basics.

Many new network marketers make a lot of mistakes in their early days, such as trying to tackle too many things at once. It’s important to focus on the basics first—getting leads and setting appointments.

Once you feel more comfortable, you can move on to more complex issues like training other people or doing joint-venture promotions. Being effective at these stages is much easier if you don’t have too much on your plate already! Focus on one thing at a time, until it becomes second nature.

Then move onto something else. In fact, some experts recommend not starting with marketing right away; instead, they suggest getting started with recruiting so that you can help others get involved faster (and build your downline faster).

Tip 3: Present Yourself Well.

Presenting yourself well is critical if you want to be a successful network marketer. With today’s emphasis on being your own boss and having freedom, it’s easy to overlook or forget about what may seem like small details – but don’t! Remember that first impressions matter, especially in business. If someone has decided to sign up under you, they are putting their trust in you – so make sure that you have your sh*t together from day one.

Tip 4: Do The Tasks Well.

The key to network marketing is that you have to be active in your business. You need to be doing work, not just sitting around waiting for things to happen. Whether you’re on a team call or engaged in one-on-one sales, if you’re not doing your tasks well, you won’t get very far at all.

And remember, some people will try network marketing and quit right away because they think it’s too difficult. If a person quits after five minutes of working as a distributor, it’s no surprise! But if someone stays with it long enough to become good at what they do, then they’ll succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

Tip 5: Set and Track Goals.

The first tip on our list is to set goals, and then track your progress. Without a goal, it’s hard to measure success. By setting goals and tracking your progress, you can see if you are moving closer or further away from success with each action taken.

For example, say one of your short-term goals is to sign up 20 new people in a month.Plus, it will help you determine where you need to improve or focus more time and energy so that you are achieving your desired results.

10 Network Marketing Tips for Beginners.
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Tip 6: Have Fun with Your Business.

Be mindful not to take your business too seriously. Have fun with it, especially at first. Remember that you’re in control of your own business and you can set your own rules and your own hours. This is a part-time gig; treat it like one.

And remember, if you want to make money at home, it’s not required that you work 70+ hours per week from home—there are people who do just fine working 40+ hours per week from home. If you don’t have time to do it all, don’t stress about it. Just focus on what matters most and enjoy yourself!

Tip 7: Follow Through on Commitments.

If you don’t follow through on your commitments, it tells everyone else you aren’t a reliable partner. This means that people who want to do business with you will be less likely to trust and respect you. And if they can’t trust and respect you, they won’t buy from you or work with you. As a result, you’ll have fewer opportunities in network marketing.

Tip 8: Keep Learning New Things.

It’s common advice, but it really does work. Find as many ways as you can to learn more about your industry, and expand your skills and knowledge base by educating yourself in other areas. The more knowledge you have about a topic, whether it’s network marketing or not, will help keep things interesting.

Plus, the more skills you have to offer people who are looking for what you have to offer, will increase your odds of building long-term relationships with people that could one day turn into friendships or business partners.

Tip 9: Get Help When You Need It.

Successful network marketers know how to ask for help. If you’re struggling, reach out to those around you and find someone who can be your mentor and help guide you. Chances are there is a person in your inner circle who has already walked down that path before; if not, someone else close to you is bound to have done so or will gladly take on that role.

A good place to start is by asking friends who are already network marketers (you might be surprised at how many don’t mind sharing their knowledge) and then expand from there. Having trouble landing any new recruits? Ask your upline what they would do in that situation; chances are good they’ve been through it before too.

Tip 10. Enjoy The Journey!

This is one of my favorite pieces of advice. Enjoying your career, business and life isn’t a mandatory element to achieving success; it’s an instrumental piece of it. If you get so focused on get rich quick schemes that you forget to have fun along the way, you’ll be less likely to realize success. The most successful people know that if they love what they do, great things will happen in both their personal and professional lives. Don’t over-complicate it – just enjoy yourself along your journey!


No matter how you decide to start network marketing, it’s critical that you take action. The tips in these resources should give you a place to start, but they’re only a beginning. Remember: Success takes work and no one is successful on their first try. Stay focused, learn as much as possible, and be patient with yourself.

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